Kick ass Romanian proverbs

It’s not like I’m gonna blog in English from now on, it’s just that I’ve had fun researching how our Romanian pearls of popular wisdom get translated into that mother of all languages that English seems to be(come). After all, old ladies from all over the world bore the crap out of their grandkids with the same saying, with little room for local specific.

However, we Romanians do have something specific to be proud of: we believe ourselves to be the most hospitable and generous people in the world. Exactly like everyone else. We even have a saying about our hospitality: gift from gift makes Heaven. Doesn’t make any sense and your name is not Charles Darwin? Of course it doesn’t! „Dar din dar se face rai” doesnt’ make much sense in Romanian, either, unless we specifically want to tell someone we’ll give them so much they’ll die (which is basically how all my family meals look like).

However, Google translate has a great idea about how you should put that in English:

Which is basically like „what, what in the butt” for linguists.

And speaking of ass, there’s an obscure Romanian saying about people who are brave when the war is over. Except it’s with animals and doesn’t mention any wars. Goes like this:

I could tell you what it really means, but I don’t want to spoil your fun.

Still, the most fun I have is when an English „translation” of some boring proverb goes insane. For instance, did you know that in order to cross a bridge in Romania, you must have intercourse with the devil’s brother? Which is what „do the devil” seems to be in the screenshot below (except probably written by master Yoda it was):

I’m telling you, this Google Translate stuff is the best insight into a people’s culture one could dream of. It’s the only way one could learn that Romanian dogs die long, rather then obliquely like in the US, and that by reading this article you have been practically watching nonsense for the past few minutes.

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