Sunteţi nervoşi? :)

{xtypo_code}I’m angry that “Joe The Plumber” is now a reporter on his way to the Middle East where he will probably come up with better material than all the Newspapers in the country put together.{/xtypo_code}


{xtypo_code}I am angry because my News Editor is so far up the Sheriff Department’s ass that she can’t take time to write any stories that are worthwhile.{/xtypo_code}


{xtypo_code}I’m angry that the weekly paper I work for that gives readers local news coverage they won’t be able to get anywhere else is being shelved to help pay off debts made by the corporate office.  {/xtypo_code}

Vă sună cunoscut? Citiţi, exorcizaţi pe site-ul ziariştilor nervoşi.

Un comentariu la “Sunteţi nervoşi? :)”

  1. sunt nervoasa pentru ca sefii de la ziarul meu ne anunta in redactie cat e de rau si apoi dau declaratii public despre cat e de bine

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